One invention in one sentence

[#5] Novel synthetic probes for diagnostic & therapy of infectious diseases.

J. MUZARD & al. Disclosed @ Nova UCD 2012 - Patent to be released in 2014

[#4] Invention & characterization of a set of synthetic & recombinant scaffolds for molecular manipulation & purification.

J. MUZARD & al. Patent EP11193316. [more]

[#3] Creation of a novel magnetic bio-nanomaterial for biotechnological applications. [Small, 2012]

J. MUZARD & G. U. LEE. Patent EP11150252. [more]

[#2] Invention of molecules for diagnostic of fibrosis: The first demonstration of fibrosis visualization in vivo & in real-time. [PLoS ONE, 2009]

J. MUZARD, P. BILLIALD & M. JANDROT-PERRUS. Polypeptides, cyclic polypeptides and pharmaceutical comprising thereof for non invasive specific imaging of fibrosis. Patent EP2008/067275 - WO2009/074628. [more]

[#1] Creation & development of neutralizing recombinant antibodies for therapeutic interventions in human thrombosis. [FEBS Journal, 2009 - Nature Biotechnology, 2011]

J. MUZARD, P. BILLIALD & M. JANDROT-PERRUS. Anti-glycoprotein VI scFv fragment for treatment of thrombosis. Patent EP2007/061569  - WO2008/049928. [more]


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